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HR Resource Centre

The HR Resource Centre is a one-stop remedy for all your human resource and personnel needs and is an ideal cost-effective solution to keep your business legally compliant.

Presented online and in a handy organiser for easy convenient reference to your HR policies and procedures.

Online access to:

  • The latest and most up-to-date employment legislation
  • All the employment letters you need for your employees
  • Various employment contracts to match your business needs
  • Guidance documents on 'how to' handle that employment issue
  • Print facility for production of additional manuals for your employees and managers
  • Updates automatically

Your handy in-office hard copy:

  • Beautifully presented FiloFax hard copy of all online resources
  • Timely updates sent to you to update sections
  • A handy in-office additional resource

Personal support:

  • Telephone access to a dedicated trained HR and legal team
  • Access to onsite experts on a consultancy basis as required

What else? Bring policies and procedures to life!

Current news, legal updates and relevant employment-related stories direct to your desktop means you never need to spend hours trawling the Internet to find the answers you are looking for.

Next step

Firstly you will need to register on our website so that you can choose a username and password to access the Secure HR Resource Centre. You then need to contact us for more details and to arrange your subscription today.

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